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Subbuteo Youtuber Blogger and collector. 

Talking little Plastic Men since 2018, collecting since 2014

Wow, 2014 doesn't seem that long ago. At the time, I had massive loft and time on my hands. So I decided to build the Subbuteo stadium I always wanted. The plan was to just build the stadium with all Italia 90 accessories. One thing led to another and I had 5 pitches set up inlacing cricket and Rugby. Since moving house twice my loft got smaller and then a little bigger, but I'm still buying whatever I can afford. Now I have decimated Subbuteo Room. 

Things went from here and there and now I host the regular Youtube Vlog Youbbuteo, detailing my collecting ups and downs and more

This site is, if you will, a catalogue of my collection, which I will be the first to admit is nowhere near as big as some in world There are some massive sites out there. It is however an honest and down to earth place to find out about Subbuteo.and enjoy some pure nostalgic joy.

As I said I don't have the biggest collection, but one thing I do have is a desire to talk about Subbuteo look and discover the great game more and more. For those who ask, I do play from time to time, however I'll happily admit I'm pretty crap. 

So please feel free to look around my collection (new additions will be added as I find things), view my YouTube channel and join me on Social Media.

Enjoy... Stew

The Newest Youbbuteo

Available 25/4/2024 

I need to complete the modern range. Terry at Collecta_balls was selling some so I jumped in. Check them out and all the other surprises he sent me,