Net Flicks - The Subbuteo Show

A regular Audio and Visual Subbuteo Podcast

A visual and audio Podcast with chat discussions and more from myself, Subbuteo Online, Westwood Table Soccer and Waties Subbuteo Art.

New episodes will always be uploaded here.

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This week we are discussing the best ever Subbuteo Kit and reference. Will we agree, will we decide? Watch to find out.

Episode 2, where we will talking absolute balls… Subbuteo balls that it. Whats the best? Find out our opinion as we go from balls to bus companies and everything in-between

Episode 2 .5, We got a little sidetracked during the last episode, but thought we'd let you in on another little chat about football kits. Enjoy the bonus.

Episode 3, where we are talking goals.. What are best subbuteo goals? Find out our opinion as we go from Europeans to Italia 90, from square post to striped nets and all in-between.