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A visual and audio Podcast with chat discussions and more from myself, Subbuteo Online, Westwood Table Soccer and Waties Subbuteo Art.

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Episode 17. Welcome to Net Flicks The Subbuteo Show, Episode 17 Part 1. Subbuteo still seems expensive on eBay, so we set ourselves a challenge to see just what we could get for £16.77. Who would do the best? Watch to find out and come back for Part 2, where Bargain Hunt toy expert and friend of the show, Tim Weeks will be coming to judge who did the best.Plus, - Calum’s Back, Calum’s Tats, Calum’s row with Parcel to go , Zombie prices seem low, Stephen’s unpainted Jules Remit, Stew’s Paniked, Stew’s storms out, Stephen’s done his eBay research, Stew want’s to unbox rookie cards, Calum is modding LW to be HW’s, Tips to buying on eBay, Calum is starting to like lightweights, We need an astro for the charity set and Stephen was going to give away Subbuteo Squad cards

Episode 16. We’ve been gone for a while, but we’re back and ready to crack to back talking Subbuteo This week we talk, Catching back up, Catalogs, Issue two of the Hobby, The Euro’s and England, Next year is Subbuteo 75th anniversary, Subbuteo has been out there in the mainstream, Where has as the Subbuteo community gone, Subbuteo Online going forward , Watsies Talks club being back and the Derry Open, Stew ask how to set up a club, and waste says how, Alan Lee’s & Wobbley Hobby shops massive community contribution Watsies Fantasy Football is coming back, Subbuteo is Expensive, Lockdown collectors are now selling, Boxset prices, Finding rare teams in boxset, People selling boxes, Fake football Shirts, Premier Leagues New Kits, TFM is doing another show, Why Calum isn’t here, We want you to give us topics of discussions and Stew rants about  England Fans

Episode 15. There are some amazing non Subbuteo, Subbuteo accessories. While discussing whats out there we choose the what we think is the best. Let us know your thoughts. Plus; Last weeks winner of the worst kit, Leicester’s FA cup History, Last day of the premier league season, Stew’s impression of Spurs fans, Everton lose Ancelotti and his replacement, Mini Soccer Builds has donated loads to our charity set, Stew’s on Holiday, Where’s Wastie?, Watsie’s Live show’s, England’s Euro Squad, #WhereCanWeGetIssue1, Subbuteo Brummie’s National Football Museum Photo, Best Football boots ever, The Story behind the Adidas World Cup Boots, Next weeks episode, we want you ideas and Shameless Plugs as always

Episode 14. We’ve chose the best, now we are going to working out what is the worst Subbuteo kit and what just didn’t translate onto Subbuteo? Plus, The fall out fo the last Solo episode, Charity Box Set Update, Loose Women and Soccer AM, Bargain Hunt ordered Stephen and but Stewart, B teams, Stop asking Stephen where to get he magazine (ask him), Stew Bans talking Subbuteo social media, We’ll take it to Tiktok, and Watsies is getting  porn, League Sponsors of the 90’, Monday Night Football And Super Sunday Football, Americanising Football, Badges, Robert Piers, Invincible’s, Stephen's Criteria, What makes a classic kit?, Remembering New Kit Releases, Watsie likes a catalogue, Kit Leaks, New Umbro Limited Edition Kits, Black Out Kits, If Calum worked at Subbuteo, Blackpool Juventus & Barcelona kits origins and The Next Video

Episode 13. This week we talking Solo Subbuteo? Can be really be played alone? What rules? How do you not cheat? How does it work? Plus, Stews attention span, Spreadsheets, Alive and Kicking Subbuteo Group, Championship manager effected stew, Why not just take photos?, What Solo Rules?, Dice?, Fantasy Teams, Watsies doesn’t wanna offend, Wastes takes us on Facebook tangent, Leeds don’t like Stephen, Extreme work dodgy penalty box arch, Facebook group rules, Stephens new YouTube Channel, Solo goalkeeper’s, Calum’s Show how a keeper works, Subbuteo’s online’s Solo tournament, The ISSL, Stephen has FISTF player news, did Stew affect it?, Old log books, Channel 5 after dark and euro trash, Charity set update, What are we all up too and Next week

Episode 12. After being invited on BBC Wiltshire by Tim Weeks of Bargain Hunt. This week we return the favour and have invited him on our show to discuss Subbuteo his a massive fan of Subbuteo and it’s great to hear what others think of it.

Episode 11.5

Instead of talking Subbuteo we’re talking… Batistuta In Subbuteo, Subbuteo Handball  rule, How stew would go to tournament, Stephen’s gone pro, Whats money, La leggend collecting, Top spin and comic sans, Calum’s cv, Sponsorship, Subbuteo Fest, Stew continues ranting about  ranting about FISTF, Subbuteo drug tests, Calum odd hammers, Watsie reacts to Ireland drawing with Qatar , Cheating in subbuteo, FISTF prize’s, Why is it amateur , Goal line tech in subbuteo, Subbuteo passion World Cup, Football manager

Episode 11

 This week we are talking what other non branded Subbuteo, Subbuteo figures and bases there are and what the options are from bowl shapes to flat bases. Plus

Episode 10.5. Instead of talking Subbuteo we’re talking… 

Cassette tapes, Now thats what I call music, WWE Theme music, Habbo hotel, Callum’s new job, Stews had kick off on tiktok, Golden goal and silver goal

Episode 10. This week we digging in whats great and whats bad about the Subbuteo Community, Plus we talk 

Plus we take,The Subbuteo Mag selling out, The Subbuteo Sound, The Rare Beatles Subbuteo figures on ebay, On update on our charity set, The Subbuteo forum, Facebook groups, The Forum , Tiktok, Subbuteo Online’s new Social Areas, Subbuteo.Online’s new Social Area, Why Stephen Blogs, Calum’s been kicked, The rare Euro 96 ball, Stew going to use acid on Subbuteo, The ‘New’ League cups, Subbuteo Fairs and Subbuteofest, Shameless plugs all round, Subbuteo Official has blocked Stephen, Stephens moans, And our future plans

Episode 9. This weekwe are giving The Hobby the new Subbuteo mag a look over plus

We talk Subbuteo Fest, The Results of the worst Subbuteo accessory , details on the Greatest Subbuteo Set & Charity Sponsorship space, Calum sings Linkin Park & about new on new teams charts, Stews on Tiktok and can’t say greek teams, Stews been testing goal material technology and kills a lightweight in the process, We call 999, Subbuteo for coaching, Stews got lazy and How to get in the magazine.

Episode 8. This week is the second part of our accessory series, Whats the best Accessory Subbuteo plus,

- Mini soccer builds, Second thoughts on the last result 3D printing prices and teams, The new Female Subbuteo Set, The New subbuteo Deluxe pitch, Ludo, yes Ludo, Stew crossbar challenge and gets told off, Wheres the coppers bike?, 12 players on a pitch, Calum’s reference quiz

Episode 7. This week is the first part of our accessory series, Whats the best Accessory Subbuteo plus,

Showing our own balls, Calum eats a Subbuteo Player, Brekit, Throw Fouls, Longshore’s Handling of Subbuteo VAR and Calum had massive tantrum

Episode 6. Back for 2021 we are getting back to it and deciding what we are going to talking in upcoming episode along with.

Episode 5. The Christmas Special. This week we are talking Subbuteo Christmas and are sharing not only our Subbuteo Xmas stories but others we have been sent. 

Plus, You have got to see our secret santa.

Episode 4, where we are talking pitches. You voted and pitches is what you what you wanna know. More nonsensical football chat. What is the best Subbuteo Pitch? Find out our opinion as we go from Amy blanket to astro to snow to mud and everything in-between. 

Episode 3, where we are talking goals.. What are best subbuteo goals? Find out our opinion as we go from Europeans to Italia 90, from square post to striped nets and all in-between.

Episode 2 .5, We got a little sidetracked during the last episode, but thought we'd let you in on another little chat about football kits. Enjoy the bonus.  

Episode 2, where we will talking absolute balls… Subbuteo balls that it. Whats the best? Find out our opinion as we go from balls to bus companies and everything in-between

This week we are discussing the best ever Subbuteo Kit and reference. Will we agree, will we decide? Watch to find out.