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Since 2014, I've been lucky enough to be featured in and on the following. Click the links to find out more

Interviewed on  BBC Bargain Hunt discussing Subbuteo. Episode 8 Series 60 31st of January 2022. IF NOT ON BBC IPLAYER ANYMORE, CLICK HERE FOR JUST THE SUBBUTEO SECTIONS


I represented the English Subbuteo Association and the FISTF World Cup as the Media Director and was invited to chat with Hawksbee & Jacobs on 18-10-23

The Sun - 30th November 2022 Subbuteo Nut's Big Home Win (I HATE THIS ARTICLE, the convo was very different to the story and we spoke about so much more)

English Subbuteo Association Radio Interview on BBC Radio Stoke with Liz Ellis 1/11/22

Daily Mirror - 30th June 2022 Table-top football game Subbuteo still thriving 75 years after being created

Sport Bible on Facebook, Insta and Tiktok April 2022

Contribtor to The Hobby Magazine Issue 002 March 2022

Southend / Basildon / Rayleigh Echo Article March 2022 

Contributor to Artilce on SWLondner 17th January 2022

Creidted in the Shorpshire Star, while filming for BBC's Bargain Hunt

Article About RAS Subbuteo Club in Leigh Times November 2021

Voice Sample on Youbbuteo by Sir Robert Orange Peel

Guest Commentator on Subbuteo Game of The Day

Interviewed on BBC Rado Essex Breakfast November 16th 2021

Interviewed On Total Sport On Youtube Channel 16/4/2021

Interviewed By Tim Weeks on BBC Radio Wiltshire about The Subbuteo Show Podcast 9th of April 2021


Article about Youbbuteo on Friends of Subbuteo

Contribtor to The Hobby Magazine Issue 001 First part fo 2021

Interview on When Shorts Were Short Podcast December 20 / January 21

Inteview and Sponsor on The Fantasy Football Show on Waties Subbuteo Art on Youtube in December 2020

Interviewee and Contributor on the 2020 Podcast Finger Flickin' Good

East Angilan Daily Time - Game changers: Why prices have risen for classic board games, jigsaw puzzles and Subbuteo during lockdown

Live Interview on Table Football Monthly  - 22nd of September 2019

Podcast interview on the Subbuteo Podcast - 10th fo April 2018

Interview with Actully Soccer - 22nd January 2018