Subbuteo Scoreboard & Score Recorder Teams & Competieion Names & Inserts

Competiton and Teams name to be used on either the 61158 Scoreborad or Set Z/C115 Score Recorder. Just download, print, cut out and insert. Look great printed on card with matt finish.

Premier League 21/22

61158 Version >>>>>>>>>

SET Z / C115 Version>>>>

Premier League Score Board.pdf
Premier League Score recorder 21:22.pdf

EPL Championship 21/22

61158 Version >>>>>>>>>

SET Z / C115 Version>>>>

EFL Scorebaord 21:22.pdf
EFL score recorder 21:22.pdf

Euro 2020

61158 Version >>>>>>>>

Euro 2020 Score Boards.pdf

Subbuteo Corner Flag Stickers

Stickers that fit on Pegasus Corner Flags from Subbuteo World and normal Subbuteo 61188 Corner  Flags. Just print on, cut and stick

printable flags .pdf

<< Subbuteo Collector Corner Flags. Print on to Stickers and apply to standard Subbuteo Flags